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You Do NOT Have To Register Online if you will be Attending the Auction In Person

Bid Online

auction-bid-onlineAdam’s Auctions is proud to offer Live Online Bidding. This service is available during our live auctions only (unless otherwise stated) and offers buyers the ability to participate in auctions from a remote location.

All of our real estate auctions offer Live Online Bidding. However, not all personal property auctions offer this option or some offer it on a limited basis.

Instructions for Live Online Bidding:

In order to bid online, you will need to become a member. If you would like to become a member, click here to register.

This registration form will allow you to select a Member ID and Password that can be used to register for Auctions on Drive Live Bid. You only need to submit this form once to become a lifetime Member. Information will be immediately sent to you by email confirming your Login Information!

As a Member you will also receive news about upcoming auctions and any important information you need to know.

Please Note: You must register for each auction using your ID and Password and follow the Terms and Conditions for that specific Auction to become approved for bidding.