About Adam’s Auction & Real Estate Services, Inc.

Adam’s Auction and Real Estate Services, Inc. was founded by the current President and CEO, Adam Jokisch, over 34 years ago.  Adam’s leadership, hard work, and determination have taken the company from its roots to its present-day status and continue to propel the company to new heights.

Consistent growth and success have been attained by the company’s aggressive, pro-active approach to the auction industry.  Focusing on industry changes and trends, as well as changing client needs, Adam’s Auctions has continued to refine its offering of services by specializing in Online Only Auctions.

Adam holds real estate licenses in Illinois and Missouri and auction licenses in Illinois, Missouri, Colorado, Alabama and Arkansas.  His level of expertise, experience and knowledge, combined with passion for his work, provide a strong foundation that has guided the company through a successful past and towards a bright future.


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